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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Spring / Summer Primark Haul

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all doing great? So after almost 2 years i have decided to revive my blog. I got really quite ill and a lot of things got put on hold, anyways skip forward to today and i have decided now is a good time to pick things up again.

And... what better way to open things back up than with a shop around in Primark. Honestly I'm not sure whether to be proud or disappointed for only coming away with four items haha!

I think the older i get i must be learning self control when I'm out shopping - Primark had a LOT of really nice things and while i admit i wanted to buy everything i liked i picked just four favourites.

So up first is a gorgeous maxi dress, this is actually the first thing that caught my eye when i walked into the store. This maxi dress has a white shorter dress underneath, with a cross back detail and the overlay is a gorgeous light weight sheer material with a beautiful flower print. I really love this dress, absolutely my favourite purchase. This was £13 bargain!

Next up i found the cutest play-suit - just in time for this hot weather we are currently having! this too is flower print (anyone else noticing a theme here?) but more of a silky material - very cool and comfortable - it is high neck with thin straps. The thing i love most about this play-suit is the frill detail on the bottom of the 'shorts'. This was £6.

The third thing i picked up was a pair of trousers, but they remind me of something you would pop on to go to the beach? very light material and wide legs. These are sooo comfortable to wear, and i love the black and white Aztec print. These look great with a white t shirt or a white crop top and sandles. These cost £8.

The next item is a bit strange considering the gorgeous weather we are having right now but i really liked it and it will be great when the weather turns cooler and that is the brightest pink cropped hoodie i have ever seen - but i love bright colours so it was meant for me. The Paradise logo on the front reminds me of something from the 80's i love it! The hoodie is just so soft - this will be a comfy wear in cooler times. This cost £6.

The final clothing piece i picked up was a night shirt - i love sleeping in these, they are sooo comfy - nice to lounge round the house in too! i am gaining a collection of these - i love pink it's my favourite colour and it looks so cute with the different grey colours. This was £8.

My last purchase from Primark was a couple of make up bits. All my brushes are real techniques but i saw these and i was curious to what they would be like. The thing i liked about the brushes are that they are double ended. I picked up an eyebrow angled brush which is double ended with a spoolie, which i didn't have and it has made applying eyebrows so much easier. This brush is really good quality considering it was only £1, does exactly what it is supposed to. I'm impressed.

The second brush i picked up was a eye shadow blending / crease brush also £1.50, and i really wanted this to be good as i don't have a decent blending brush for eye shadow and unfortunately this was not what i was looking for, this brush would be great for packing colour into the eyelid but not for blending as i feel the bristles are too hard, so i was a little disappointed with this. So if any of you can recommend a good crease blending brush that would be awesome :)

The final Primark product was a two pack of beauty blenders. also £1.50. Beauty blenders are the one tool i have never been able to get to grips with, I have tried them before but i have found that they didn't blend my foundation properly and left my make up looking blotchy? (anyone else? no? just me then) However i have seen a favourite YouTuber of mine using them and she dampens the beauty blender first - so off i went - and i have to say it has taken some practice and a few attempts but i think i am starting to master the beauty blender finally. These seem to be working fine - and again for £1.50 i am really impressed. I will see over time how long they last.

So there we have it my first post back and i have to admit it feels great. I did toy with deleting all my previous content and start again completely new, but as i was looking back over the posts i saw history and i saw mistakes, and the photographs were awful (cringe) but nobody's blog is perfect from the get go, so i decided to leave everything where it is - at least i will be able to see progress and change.

Please leave a comment if you liked this post and let me know how you are doing :)

Until next time



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