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Thursday, 29 June 2017

My Favourite Books

 Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all okay. I thought today that i would share with you some of my favourite books. I love the books mentioned in this post and i have read these more than once :) I have always been a bit of a bookworm even from a really early age, and thankfully it is something that has stayed with me.

Now i have a mixture of books ( two bookshelves full ) and a Kindle - I like many was a bit dubious of the kindle when it first came about as i loved the smell and feel of a book ( sounds a bit creepy ) but i weighed up things such as space ( as i was beginning to run out of room on my bookshelves and i don't have room to put anymore up ) when taking books on holiday less space and weight in the suitcase and also just general comfort while reading ( especially when reading big books ) so i took the book plunge and purchased the kindle and i actually love it and would recommend to everyone.

One of the best things i love about my kindle apart from getting books instantly is Kindle Unlimited for £7.99 per month you can read an unlimited amount of books kinda like an online library - it is one of my favourite features.

I would like to note that for this post only the photographs are from Google owing to the fact i have a kindle so i cannot photograph actual books - I am not a lazy blogger i promise - I usually take all my own photographs.

First up is the Monkeewrench series by P.J Tracy a mother - daughter author duet. Every single book in this series grabbed my attention from the very beginning. All thriller novels written in true cat and mouse fashion that sees two detectives Magozzi and Gino teaming up with an elite team of computer geniuses to catch dangerous killers - nothing is ever as it seems and the twists and turns in these books are amazing. There are seven books in this series so far with a new book being released August - Which i am very excited for! so the series order is as follows: Want to Play? - also titled as Monkeewrench, Live Bait, Dead Run, Snow Blind, Play to Kill - also titled as Shoot to Thrill, Two Evils - also titled Off the Grid and Cold Kill - also titled The Sixth Idea. The next book is titled Nothing Stays Buried due out 24th August. If you love a good page turner then this series is for you!

Next up we have the Harry Potter series - i don't believe i have to say much here - I'm guessing there are not many people that don't know the Harry Potter stories. However for those of you that have seen the movies but not read the books, i urge you to read the books there is so much more that they couldn't fit in the movies, so much explained. I love the books. Lastly if you have not seen the movies and you haven't read the books then still give the books a go, it's great to escape every now and again.

Ah! probably my favourite author of all time - i love these little books of horror. I hear mixed reviews about him but i love him. He is the only author that has made me feel so genuinely creeped out and nervous where the hairs on my neck and arms have prickled. He has a way of writing and conjuring up some really frightening images in your mind as you read. My favourites of his are IT, Pet Sematary and the Tommy Knockers. If you are easily spooked and kept awake at night maybe give these a miss BUT if you love to be kept on your toes then this is the author for you :)

Next up, we have James Frey I read A Million Little Pieces on recommendation from a friend and i loved it - it was one of those books that i could not put down and i just had to read the follow up My Friend Leonard. These books have made me laugh and cry. At times a heartbreaking memoir of a young man's struggle with drugs and Alcohol and his Journey through rehab. This is a very real account of the struggle he counts the worst moments. It's not a straight forward boy seeks help and gets clean, it is hard and James makes you feel hundreds of different emotions as he takes you through the highs and lows of his journey. As long as you don't mind bad language and violence then this is a really good read.

Again The Girl On The Train was also a recommendation from a friend, I connected with this book straight away as the book was based in Peterborough i have done that train journey so many times, it was so believable i could have been the girl on the train. The best thing about this book is the plot twist, i never saw it coming very cleverly written. Enjoyed it so much i read it again. So naturally when i saw that Paula had released another book titled Into The Water i just had to pick it up - I am mid way through this book so I don't know how it all ends but so far i can see it is just as great as her previous gem.

So there you have it a little post on some of my favourite reads. If you have read any of the books from this post - or if you go on to read any then let me know!

Also if you guys know of any books that i should be reading then also let me know - I am always looking for that next great book.


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