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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Doggy Icey Cream

Hello Everyone

I hope you are all ok and enjoying the Sunshine :)

Today's post is something a little different and it is how to make Dog friendly ice cream and it is so simple you won't believe it!

After all why should our four legged friends miss out on a cooling summer treat?

I need to mention that credit goes out to my best friend for this recipe - Thank you Lisa <3

All you will need is a ice cube tray (i have plastic ones but silicone ones are much easier to press out the ice cream when fininshed), some fat free or low fat Greek yogurt and some dog friendly fruit.

Below are some good choices of dog friendly fruits:

So what you want to do is take your chosen fruit and chop it up into small pieces (when using blueberries i tend to leave them whole as they are only small anyway) and pop a couple of pieces into the ice cube tray.

Next layer on some fat free Greek yogurt, add a couple more pieces of fruit, add one more layer of yogurt then top off with a piece of fruit.

Pop in the freezer for 1-2 hours and presto you have dog safe ice cream!

it is that simple - it has proved to be very popular in our house (we have 3 Shih Tzu's and a German Shepherd in our house!)

speaking of bigger dog breeds - you can also swap out the ice cube tray for ice lolly moulds ;)

of course these cold treats are human friendly too!

Enjoy the Summer Guys

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