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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Swinging by with an update

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all okay.

You may have noticed as of late content is lacking and for this i apologise, just got a lot going on right now with work and trying to balance my life out in general.

Not that i want this to be a 'poor me' post because on the contrary the things happening are really quite exciting for me, it is just leaving me with little time to post.

I had a mad few days of do I get rid of my blog or do i keep it?

Then i remembered why i started my blog in the first place and it was for hobby purposes, nothing more, nothing less I have been fortunate to meet some really lovely fellow bloggers on the way which have become friends :)

So what I have decided is to be realistic and fit my blog into my new routine, This may mean i blog once a week or once a fortnight - putting too much pressure on myself and even doing a little internal comparing my blog to others which i am guilty of and not something i would recommend.

I felt like the last couple of posts were forced and it was starting to feel like a job and something i HAD to do rather than a hobby and something i wanted to do.

So expect to see some changes around here - I am currently browsing Pipdig as i feel a new layout coming on, I want to step up on the photograph scale as i feel this is something to work on, and yes content i want it to be better and about things i feel genuine excitement for.

I may appear to be quiet but i feel like i need to step back in order to make these changes so bear with me and hopefully i can put these changes into practice soon.

I'm absolutely positive i am not the only blogger out there to hit one of these walls.

Catch up with you guys soon

Emz xoxo
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