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Thursday, 24 September 2015

My first Glossybox....

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all well... 

IT'S ALMOST FRIDAY! :) This week sure has been a busy one.. I think i am due a lazy pampered up weekend at home instead of rushing around..

Which would mean that my first Glossy Box has just come in time.
I have never done the beauty box thing before but i decided to give it a try, and after researching and putting Google through it's paces i settled on Glossy Box and I am very glad I did.

Firstly I will say that the Glossy Box ladies are lovely over on Twitter very friendly and welcoming :) You can follow them @GlossyboxUK 

I have to admit I was very impressed with my first GlossyBox I thought the packaging and the way it was all wrapped up was just beautiful - I felt like someone had sent me a birthday gift. It is much better than I was expecting to be honest and considering the subscription is £10 per month only i thought the products inside were an absolute steal!

I honestly don't know why i didn't do this sooner because I LOVE surprise gifts and not knowing what's inside. I will admit I have avoided other bloggers posts on this GlossyBox because i didn't want to ruin my own surprise :)

I have also decided that the Box itself is far too beautiful to just throw away so they will become my new Make up storage containers.

So inside the box we have right on top a welcome card, explaining what to expect from GlossyBox - Now on the card it does state 5 miniature gifts BUT in this September box all 5 gifts were full sized which makes it all the more incredible. 

Next we have an information card, which says a little about each product which I love - especially if it is a new brand for me it's always good to have a little background info - I feel this is a very nice touch.

There is also an October sneak peak and there is a full sized tube of photo-hydra day cream worth £25 in next months box so i guess not all products are Mini's :) 

I am already by the way very impressed so far and then I unfold an envelope which happens to be an invite to Best Secret which is a fashion for members only website with insane discounts on all designer clothes and accessories and they have also given £15 to new joiners. So that alone has a serious wow factor for me.. I have my eye on a gorgeous Michael Kors Watch.. with 43% off and a further £15 I have got a bargain there!

Right so added to all of that excitement let's take a look at the goodies inside - Please bare in mind guys that i haven't tried any of the products out yet - this is a first impressions take - once i have tried the products i will do a follow up post in full review.

So inside we have..

Maria Nila Luminous Color Hair Masque - This is usually £18.95 available from Here. Description says " packed with nourishing, strengthening and protecting ingredients that enhance both colored and natural hair." This product is vegan as well as sulphate and paraben free. I took the lid off this conditioner and it has another little plastic lid keeping the conditioner in the jar - I love this because i really hate it when a tub gets moved around or put upside down and the product ends up in the lid and when you open it the product drips everywhere. Is that just me? 
So the Conditioner itself is a good thick consistency not runny at all it's exactly how a hair masque should look and it smells really lovely - like pomegranates so it has a real fruity scent :) The conditioner itself feels smooth and light on the fingers - I am really excited to try this out.

Invisibobble - Personally I think this is a genius idea.. they remind me of telephone cables :') but seriously i saw on the little box "no tangles, no headaches, no split ends" I was sold at the no headaches part.. Come on ladies who else gets that headache when we wear high pony tales? So I am interested on if this works and apparently because of the spring like bobble the way the hair wraps around means it becomes invisible - I think i will try this out tomorrow at work.. These are usually £4 from topshop.

B. Cosmetics - Sculpted contour kit - I had a little giggle to myself when i saw this just because last night i was in the #bbloggers chat on twitter and i got into a conversation on contouring and that i had not tried it yet and so this turns up.. so i guess i can try it now :) Now i use highlighter a lot already and i feel at ease with this so far as the contour shade isn't as dark as i had expected - so i will be looking forward to this.

Bellapierre - Shimmer Powder - I was over the moon to see this shimmer eye shadow as i love these to death! it is shimmer and not full on glitter so you could use a little in the day time or build it up for night time party use. In the container it does look black and very dark but i did try some out on the back of my hand and it comes out into a beautiful silver shimmer - The photograph below does not do it justice at all - I have a feeling i will be rockin this shadow this A / W. Available from www.bellapierre.co.uk for £12.99

And last but definitely not least...

Marsk - eye shadow brush pro - And the wonderful people at GlossyBox even provided me with a brush to apply the shadow with. This is a nice brush - I love my Real Techniques brushes but the bristles on this Marsk one are soft but firm, I have a feeling this will blend eye shadows like a pro!
Available from www.marsk.co.uk £16.70.

So there you have it my first experience of GlossyBox and i can tell you I am extremely happy with my first Box and my subscription will definitely be continuing :)

As always let me know your thoughts in the comments below :)

Happy Friday Eve Everybody

Emz xoxo 
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