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Monday, 21 September 2015

I Love Candles.......

Hello My Lovelies, I do hope you are all well.

I'm ecstatic now autumn is here one of my favorite times of year (the other is spring). I Just love autumn, i love sitting in my room, reading a book or writing blog posts listening to the rain bounce off the window.. is it just me or is there something really therapeutic about it? 

It is the cosy time of year - lazy Sundays, duvet days, warm jumpers, hot chocolate, casseroles and stews for dinner (and pasta bake in my case) and i love the smell outside the day after it's been raining, everything smells fresh and the pavements are littered with yellow, orange and brown leaves I just really love it.

And it is also the time when i generally break out the candles :) 
Ok so I get it candles can come out anytime.. and for me they do but there's something about candles and autumn that promotes comfort and cosyness for me. 

Ok so I was in primark and i just happened to be nosy in their home section and i came across candles.. I had no idea that Primark sold candles.. So I purchased a couple..

Now these candles were £2 each - which i thought was pretty incredible for the size of them because there not exactly small candles - so i was thinking bargain!

Now guys - please don't shoot me - i realize that these are not exactly autumn themed candles.. I'm still on the case (so if you have any suggestions please let me know.) BUT i will say that as well as price and size etc and the holders are quite cute too.. these candles smell absolutely amazing.. I wish you guys could smell them through the screen.

So the two i picked up are Nectarine and Lemon blossom (the grey one) and Sweet Vanilla and Coconut (the white one).

I am obsessed with anything that is coconut, whether it be food, drink or fragrance i just love it that is where the Sweet Vanilla & Coconut candle comes in... admittedly you can smell mainly Coconut rather than vanilla but oh my goodness it smells like coconut obviously but like holidays.. definitely my favorite smell :) 

The nectarine and Lemon blossom is also amazing, it's not too strong just a nice fresh lemony scent, fresh fruit that kind of scent.

I really love these candles I am super impressed so with the two candles you have 60 hours burn time for £4 that is just insane. The other thing I think is brilliant is once the candles are lit the fragrance isn't too overpowering - trust me I have had some candles in my time that have been sickly overpowering even resulting in a headache! 

So all in all I am over the moon with these, if i was to pick a fault with the Primark candles it would be that they don't have many different fragrances - I do hope they choose to expand these as the ones they have are really great - I will 100% be repurchasing the Sweet vanilla & Coconut one.

So with that said I will be looking for some autumn themed candles -  So if any of you have any recommendations I would love to know :)

I hope you all have a fantastic week,

Catch up Soon

Emz xoxo

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