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Sunday, 26 July 2015

what happened to my motivation?

Hello Everyone, 

I hope you are all doing well.

I don't have any reviews or hauls for you today as to be honest budget has been tight and I have tried and succeeded so far to not go out buying new things. 

I thought I would do a general chat type post today based on motivation. 

Just lately it seems my motivation has gone into hiding and i cannot seem to push myself to do anything right now, no fitness, no posts lately, no new ideas... my get up and go has gone off without me. I guess it could be a number of things - too much work - not enough me time - sounds really lame but the change in weather also - even my dog Ollie looks outside at the rain and runs for cover - you get the picture?

I'm getting irritated with myself as this is not something that happens to me often. All I seem to do right now is come home from work and sit in front of Netflix (I'm stuck on Pretty Little Liars and Dexter - both are highly addictive) and i put this down to always feeling tired and exhausted lately.

Despite this there seems to be a lot of things I would like to do and I don't know what to do first... like I have started reading the hunger games - again addictive, when i pick that book up i can't put it down - so I don't end up reading because i don't end up doing anything else. I have already mentioned Netflix - one episode of Dexter turns into 5 or 6... see where I'm going with this?

So I have decided that it is time to get myself out of this rut I seem to have fallen into and I have made a list of some things I really want to try and put into action over this next coming week...

  • Writing things down - Everything, as soon as i have the thought i want to be writing it down. Write down a goal of what i want and then break it down into smaller goals. 
  • To Do Lists - write down the things that need to be done and scrap the things that are not overly important - Huge long lists can be very intimidating and tend to put me off before i have even started.
  • Blog Post Ideas - Again i need to get these down on paper as soon as i think of them - oddly enough i can be walking around the shops or at work sat on hold and suddenly a post will pop in my head but by the time I'm home I have forgotten.
  • KEEP REMINDING MYSELF WHY I STARTED THINGS IN THE FIRST PLACE. I started this blog because i wanted a little corner of the big wide web to ramble and chatter about the things i love, the things that inspire me and things that i could share with others to inspire them too. 
  • Getting back into my yoga routine - Again I know when i make the start i will continue - i know it is good for me as it helps the pain in my back, it helps with flexibility and it is an excellent fat burner and body toner and i feel great when i do the work outs - I made the mistake one night after a bad day at work saying 'not tonight - tomorrow' tomorrow never came. I started this because i wanted the pain in my back to go away and also because I'm not entirely happy with my body right now. All i need is to start that one workout...
  • Lessen the pressure - I am the worst person in the world for putting unnecessary pressure on myself and i rarely cut myself any slack, and i think this is where my problems begin. I always put that pressure on whether it's work, fitness, blog posts or whatever and then these things i love turn into chores and i forget that i do them because i WANT to do them and it feels like i do them because i feel i HAVE to do them.
  • Little and often - I need to get my head around the fact that not everything needs to get done in one evening - I need to space things out more into manageable sessions. I need to appreciate also that there is a limit to what i can do - so not to have too many goals or things going on at one time. one thing at a time. 
  • Cut Back on Netflix - That may seem really strange for me to put here but maybe watch every other night instead of every single night 5/6 hours at a time - again little and often.
  • Help Myself - Yes i want to eat a bit healthier, which i am doing. I want to drink more water and I want to sleep better - So i want to try going to sleep and waking up the same time every day to try and kick start a sleep pattern for my body.
So now at least I have a starting point to kick start my motivation off again - I hope you guys got something out of this - I know i have just from writing everything down that is currently swimming around in my head. Maybe I should come back at you guys with an update next Sunday So you can see that I actually put this into practice.

Feel Free to let me know in the comments below what you guys do when your motivation takes a dive, or you can tweet me @EmzRebel  

Have a great week Everyone

Emz xoxo
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