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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Updated Skin Care Favorites....

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all well and you have been enjoying the latest UK weather... minus the storms... or maybe you like storms? I don't like them.. I'm a hide under the duvet kinda girl. 

Anyway speaking of the weather while i have been enjoying the warmth, my skin however has not.. Combination skin has always been one of the biggest mysteries to me.. I don't get how part my face is dry and flaky and other parts are really oily... That aside i thought i would head over to super drug and treat my poor face to some overdue TLC.

I will admit now that I have never been overly great with a skincare routine as such, busy life, forgetful blah blah all poor excuses i know, but that's how it is for me, when i do look into skin care i do pick up mini's as my skin is temperamental...

But first i will start with face masks - I love these and the bonus is there only £1 each... 

I love these face masks sooo much. They smell so nice i could actually eat them.. not advisable but they do smell so nice. I always tend to use mud masks it is personal choice but i hate peel offs.. we don't get along. 

I have used Strawberry Souffle many times before its a re purchase, Simply smooth onto the face... and neck there is more than enough trust me, chill out for 15 minutes and then rinse.. say hello to soft smooth skin! it's that easy.

The chocolate mud mask is also a repurchase this is for combination to oily skin, and i have to admit this works wonders, it does a great job at soaking up the oil and eliminating shine without making the skin over dry. My skin just feels like it can breath.. a strange choice of words but it just feels clean and fresh.

The iced crystal mask is a new release and it's like an exfoliator and mask in one, it is menthol and spearmint. The dead sea crystals exfoliate your skin leaving it refreshed and the menthol and spearmint cleanse and tone. I have yet to use this one so i will let you know how it goes.

Another new purchase for me is the anti stress sauna mask - i got this just because it sounded so good. It is a self heating clay mask and i have never used anything like this before but it's for oily skin and it opens and cleanses pores. I am eager to try this out i just really like the sound of the self warming clay. I will also revisit this and let you know how i find it. May use this one in my pamper routine tonight :)

Ok so that's masks taken care of now we have cleanser toner and moisturiser...
I am making an effort to get a real routine going here.. I got the minis of these first as my skin is quite temperamental.. after trying these i went back to get the full size bottles.

Cleanser: Clean & Clear.. I cannot say enough good about this brand, I use and have used there facial washes and exfoliaters for a long time now and they are excellent at keeping breakouts to a minimum - I would go as far to say that i would not wash my face in anything else. If you have problem skin i would seriously give the clean & clear morning energy range a try. So anyway i was over the moon when i saw they did cleansing lotion, its targeted for oily sensitive skin so it's not likely to react and cause breakouts its cooling and gentle on the skin. I pop a bit on a cotton pad and wipe over face and neck, there is no wet or greasy residue and it doesn't leave skin overly dry either. At the moment superdug are buy one get one half price on all clean & clear. I got a facial exfoliator wash for £3 and got the cleanser half price at just £1.86... bargain!

Toner: Garnier, is a new try for me, i was walking up and done the aisles of Superdrug and again i didn't want to spend a lot just because of how my skin can react and adding to most toners sting my skin i wanted something purse friendly. So this is from Garnier's shine be gone range targeted specifically at combination to oily skin. I was a bit dubious of this as the bottle reads tightens pores i was dreading the tight skin feel but i was pleasantly surprised. No stinging. No overpowering smell and no tight feel. Using this my skin feels clean and refreshed and no oil in sight! finally oil is banished! Hurrah! and at only £3.27 yet another bargain!

Moisturiser: Finally again from the shine be gone range we have the matte and moisture daily moisturiser. I'm not sure how this works but it does indeed eliminate oil but it leaves the skin feeling hydrated at the same time, there are no dry patches just smooth soft skin that feels healthy. This cream is £5.99 and you don't need much this cream goes a long way. I am tempted to go back and purchase the night cream version also. So over the past three days my skin (and me) feels much happier.

Lastly and it is nothing to do with skincare but it deserves a mention. I tend to be a bit obsessive with my hands being clean.. I think it's all those years in retail and handling people and money.. but i always without fail have antibacterial gel in my bag, on my desk and at home.. it is never far from me and i love the carex range i think this is the best hand sanitizer going, they smell great which brings me onto the latest ones.. the fun editions..bubble gum and i also have the strawberry laces one at work on my desk, real child's play :)

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Emz xoxo
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