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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

New Make Up Purchases...

Hiya Everyone, I hope you are all well!

So some new make up purchases added to my collection recently.

I generally love maybelline for mascara, I have done for a very long time, however as you all know by now i really love Rimmel for make up in general, so while i was mooching around i came across the wake me up mascara by Rimmel. 

Now owing to how much i love the wake me up foundation and concealer i just could not walk past this mascara.. and the verdict? I LOVE IT! 

This mascara is packed with vitamins and cucumber extract and this leaves lashes feeling nourished, you don't get the chalky rigid feel and the lashes feel light. The brush on this mascara is great for separating and spreading lashes out so they don't clump together giving that wide awake look. This goes on quite smoothly as well so it's good for a subtle look which is great for everyday wear. This mascara is not waterproof but in the ridiculous heat we have had in the UK i have to say it hasn't smudged, so the staying power is quite impressive. The only thing i would say about this that could potentially put people off is you can really smell the cucumber in it, which personally I don't mind i quite like cucumber but if your someone that isn't a fan of the smell then i would be tempted to say steer clear. But all in all nice one Rimmel you continue to impress!

Lastly I think I have found the holy grail of drug store primers.. and yes a thank you goes out to the lovely Corrie - you can check out her blog Here or YouTube here - because that is how i came to learn about this wonderful primer. 

Now as said in my recent skin care post my skin has been awful lately combination to very oily and make up has just been sliding off, I've been red and spotty and my skin has just really had a fit -The four really hot days we had in the UK last week i did not wear make up at all.. not even for work! (gross) Anyway... I have seen Corrie say how great this primer is for oil control So i went ahead and brought this baby Home. 

It is the Gosh prime & set mattifying primer and setting powder, OK so it is £9.99 for a tub but for how good it is and how far it goes it is definitely worth every penny. You don't need a lot of this powder a little goes a long way.

Now as my skin is so oily I put this on my face under my foundation and i also apply it over my foundation and concealer and it keeps everything in place all day literally i'm good to go from 8am to 5pm and no need to powder through out the day which for me is incredible. This is a very light powder it will not weigh you down or clog up your skin just a soft flawless finish. I am truly impressed with this primer. I should also mention that as it is great for oil control it doesn't dry out the skin. Honestly guys if any of you suffer oily skin and make up sliding of i cannot recommend this primer enough.

So let me know in the comments below if you have used any of these or are thinking about it.

Take care

Emz xoxo

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