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Monday, 13 July 2015

Body Positivity....

 Hello Everyone, I hope you are all ok.

I was on Twitter about a week back when i saw a post from Marie Cole (such a lovely lady - you can find her blog Here) Anyways she was advertising her body positivity series and was looking for bloggers to take part, and well i jumped at the chance to be part of it as i am fully behind anything positive, whether it is body, mind, beauty, I'm on it!

So this here is my contribution.

Body Positivity is really important to me and something close to my heart, I was never popular in school i was always bullied because i was 'too fat' 'ugly' 'curly messy hair' you name it i got called it and this had a really serious effect on my confidence and self worth.

I always used to hide under baggy clothes - I used to wear far too much make up and i would never dream of going out the house without it. I was always worried about what other people thought of me.

Admittedly it took me a really long time to come around to body / image positivity and i never thought i would accept or be happy with the way i was.

So the image above is me with no make up on.. ok so it has a pale sepia filter on but there is no photo shop editing going on - and yes you can see all of my freckles (which is something i would fight to hide) and even a couple of spots and you can probably tell i have uneven skin tone and red patches - but that's ok. It's ok by me and my own standards of what i believe to be acceptable. That is what body positivity for me is all about accepting and being happy with the way you are measured by your own ideas and beliefs. It's easy to feel pressure from magazines, celebs, fitness models, athletes and the Victoria's Secret models, but do you really need to be a size six with a six pack to be happy?

I am really hoping none of you answered yes to that. But seriously ladies and gents there is nothing more attractive then confidence.
Next Photo is me on holiday in Morocco 2 years back and as you can probably tell, I have curves, i definitely don't have a flat tummy but I am happy with the way I look, I have learnt to be comfortable in my own skin and dress to suit my shape. As long as you are in good health no matter your size or shape you have the right to feel happy and confident.

In my opinion there is no normal size or shape. There is just you and your happiness.

So no more hiding embrace your body and learn to love it :)

Emz xoxo
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