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Friday, 3 April 2015

Shopping Spreee! of a different kind....

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all ok and enjoying your Easter weekend - I know I am - Again I thought I would do a different post today and you may remember my post about my dog Ollie? Well he's hijacking my blog post today! 

Today I went shopping, but not my usual shop at boots, New Loot etc but to Dolittle's. 

If you have never heard of Dolittle's it is a Pet superstore - and it is somewhere I love to take Ollie too - as pets are made very welcome! 

Dolittle's is on the Bridgnorth Road Near Wolverhampton on a nice country road, The store is huge and has everything you could ever need for your Pet whether it be dog, cat, reptile, rabbit or guinea pig or birds....or fish this place has got it! 

So the staff are always super friendly and very helpful and pets are welcome in store.. and are often spoilt with a free treat at the checkout and I find their prices cheaper than most pet superstores but there is no compromise in quality. So here's what I got:

Toys - Ollie is like a child, he loves toys, especially one that squeaks! I learnt early on that with Ollie I can't buy him toys made out of plastic or rubber because he destroys them so It's rope toys or 'cuddly' toys. He was happy to walk around the store carrying this toy. There are squeakers along the body and its made of tough material so it doesn't easily tear or get holes in - which is great - it's washable too. At £4.99 who's complaining :)

I can't rate, advise, recommend the pet head range enough! before I took to taking Ollie to a groomer I used to use the pet head tearless puppy shampoo on him - I still do if he gets too muddy between visits to the groomer - and I have discussed my love for it in previous posts - So I was browsing the isles and came across the pet head section and found dogs BFF which is a detangling spray - Strawberry yoghurt scent yummy! -  to make grooming and brushing an easier task just a spray and the tangles and knots fall out - a bit like detangling spray we use on our hair ;) Next I came across Poof! which is a deodorising spray which in my opinion smells like Terry's chocolate orange - the scent is tangy orange and is quite possibly my favourite scent! and I got this for when Ollie isn't dirty enough for a bath but if he's been in the rain and he has the 'wet dog' smell. Just a brush and a spray and all bad odours are eliminated. Magic! These are £9.99 each which is good for what they do and how long the products last.
Next up is a repurchase and I will keep on buying this again and again. Dental water for dogs. When I took Ollie to the vets for health checks as a puppy the vets kept urging that I brush his teeth - train him to keep his teeth healthy and tartar free... However Ollie was not having any of it.. So I found a cheat - Dental water, So simple and so good. This big bottle cost £7.99 and will last a long time as you only need one cap-full in every bowl of water - It cleans their mouth and teeth as they drink, eliminates tartar and bad breath - We have three dogs at home and the oldest one Katie had quite a bit of tartar on her teeth but within three weeks of using this in the drinking water the tartar had improved considerably - I was amazed so I will always have this in the kitchen. 

Treat Time! I don't give too many treats as a general rule and I have to be careful what I feed Ollie as he has Stomach issues - but this big bag of bite size biscuit bones was £3.99 and will last quite a while a bargain in it's own right - and as they are bite size I don't have to worry about upsetting Ollie's Tummy.

I wasn't sure about this brush to begin with but by the time I had finished I liked it. I was after a brush with bobbles on the end as I didn't want it to be too harsh on the skin. It brushes through the fur without pulling or snagging - for bad knots I would recommend using a comb - and the reverse of the brush does a great job at smoothing the hair and taming static - it sounds like a review for a hair brush ha! I wasn't sure how this would fair getting knots out and to be honest it's not the greatest - I still use the trusty comb but this brush would be fine for a quick groom.

I have been wanting to get my Ollie a new harness for a while now and my mum recommended this type - Ollie's old harness was made with rope like structure and had a tendency to rub behind the legs - but this one is made of really soft mesh material, so it won't rub his skin and as the material is mesh even in warmer weather he won't overheat at the skin will still be able to breathe. I think this is much better from a comfort point of view. It will be specially useful when we go on holiday as I won't need to keep taking the harness on and off it is soft enough for him to wear most of the day :)

Last but definitely not least - An Easter egg for dogs - no cocoa and no gluten :) Why should Ollie miss out on all the Easter fun? I couldn't help myself I got to the checkout and they were just sat there on the counter... Taking into account Ollie's tummy.. I will only be giving him little bits a day.. it will last him the entire weekend. I have my Creme Eggs and Ollie has his Egg too :D

So there we have it a mini haul of a new kind! I really speak highly of this store it's up their with my favourites. 

See you Sunday for another chatter.

Emz xoxo
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