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Thursday, 9 April 2015


Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well, I have to admit I don't have an actual post planned as such, I thought I would just sit and have a chatter to you all and gush about some of my favourite recent things :)

The Treseme Keratin Smooth Curling Wand:

I have a lot of love for this curling wand, super easy to use and quick too! So this curling wand comes with a bottle of Treseme keratin smooth heat defence spray - this is great as it protects hair from heat damage and it leaves my hair with a frizz free shine and soft to the touch. Just spray thoroughly onto damp hair and style. The wand comes complete with a heat proof glove (for all other pretty little liars fans... that could be A's glove right? haha!) this glove does protect hand from getting burnt but if held against the wand too long it can get uncomfortable so still take care! The wand itself has a barrel that ranges from 19-32mm, The wand has three temperature settings the maximum heat being 200 degrees, depending on your hair type depends on the heat setting, I use the middle heat setting as my hair is quite fragile, when hair is wrapped around the wand I suggest hold for 5-8 seconds. The result is big loose curls ...

The next thing is actually a TV programme ... look guys I needed to have something in place now I'm up to date and waiting for season 6 of pretty little liars and it is....

I probably have a unhealthy obsession with this programme... a bit like I do with pretty little liars really.. but it is just so good! First of all you have Kevin Bacon which in my eyes is a great actor in general but the actual plot of this programme is genius, so many twists, turns and surprises. This is a great programme if you like serial killer type programmes where you really get into the psychology part of what makes them tick etc.. I will admit it can get a bit gruesome in places and it can make you jump also but the thinking behind it is brilliant. Kevin Bacon plays a retired FBI agent, recovering alcoholic brought on by arresting Joe Carroll a genius serial killer. Bacon is brought out of retirement when Carroll escapes prison and is on the hunt for new victims, Bacon becomes part of a new FBI team to try catch Carroll again, Little does Bacon and the FBI know that Carroll has found a way to communicate with active serial Killers across the united states and bring them together as a following. I'm currently on Season Three and I cannot get enough - I would highly recommend this. Carroll serial killer or not you can't help but take a liking to him he has charisma and a quirky sense of humour.

Finally I want to say that on the 12th July I will be joining the pink ladies for race for life 2015 - this is a truly fantastic cause and it means a lot to me as close family have had battles with Cancer, some I have lost. I lost a friend on March 1st to a long struggle. This cause is something I hold close to my heart - So I am doing my part to raise money - It's a 5k run - hence the need to up the fitness! So I am hoping to be in decent shape by July 12th.

So I think that's about it... tomorrow is my birthday (yay!) yes even though tomorrow will put me in my final year of my 20's I still look forward and get excited about my birthday.. even if I am at work! I feel a birthday shopping trip coming on the weekend :)

I hope you all enjoy the weekend and I'll be back on Sunday with another post!

Catch you soon

Emz xoxo
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