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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Primark Haul

Hello Everyone!

I hope you're all ok and you have enjoyed your weekend.

So it was my birthday on Friday and I decided to go shopping :)

I really like Primark anyway as it's purse friendly, but what originally spurred me towards Primark this time is watching a haul by Corrie or some of you may recognise her as DizzyBrunette3. You can find Corrie's channel HERE. If you haven't watched or subscribed yet pop on over and check her out, She's super sweet and one of the first blogs I started reading. Anyhow after watching that video I just thought Primark had some really sweet clothing items so off I went...

So I LOVE what Primark has in at the moment - so much so that I am planning another trip back soon! now I realise that what I got is not to everyone's taste but I hate clothes that cling to the skin *jeans are the exception* especially in warmer weather I like loose fitting clothes which is why I was so happy! 

Note to self: I realise hauls are probably better done on You tube as you can show off the clothes better - but I am not on You Tube... at the moment... still keep thinking about it but can't seem to make up my mind!

Anyhow - Primark seems to have a lot of slogan shirts and movie inspired shirts at the moment which is great as these are my favourite kind of shirts.

So up first we have Hogwarts - I am a huge Harry Potter fan. That is all. This shirt got my attention as it was Harry Potter themed (duh!) and the fact that is wasn't black... I am desperately trying to move my wardrobe away from black after all spring and summer is on the way! It's a nice loose top that is made of nice light material that feels like it could keep you quite cool in the warm weather, it has half sleeves which I thought was ideal for work (my work dress code is smart casual).

New York - What can I say my favourite holiday I have ever been on is New York fell completely in love - plans to go back for sure! So naturally I see anything New York themed and I buy it, simple! This is a Vest style top which again is light and loose and quite long considering it's a vest but hangs nice - this top would look great with denim shorts.

You can't sit with us - A no brainer, I LOVE mean girls - I know it's black but for this shirt I was willing to make an exception - they were sold out of the white version in my size. It had to happen, I don't think I could wear this shirt in hot weather just because it's black and black attracts sun and seems to make it feel 10 times hotter and it is a fitted shirt but again for this shirt I was willing to make the exception :)

I am Batman - instant love for me. I love movies I'm a netflix addict and more to the point I love my superheroes so batman, X-men, transformers, avengers, superman, you name it I love it! So this shirt is a vest top that is cropped at the front but a little longer at the back which I thought was a nice in between instead of an all round crop top. again loose fitting, the shirt is slightly see through, but only slightly this would keep you cool on a hot day.

Next up I got 2 pair of Jeggings, denim leggings which actually you would struggle to tell the difference between these and skinny jeans - I love these, there made of soft denim and are super comfy - I love Primark as they cater for the longer leg even if I do have to hunt for the 34" leg! the point is they are there somewhere. I got a dark blue colour and a grey stone wash colour, I love the stone wash grey there different :) I was contemplating a coral pair which were just lovely but I had that dilemma of - what would I wear with them?! I may just purchase them next time....

Lastly I purchased two pair of what I call magic socks... I did steal this off Corrie's video and they are actual genius.. Socks that are pretty much invisible when wearing ballerina type shoes or trainers - it sorts out the issue of blisters..

The only thing I really wanted that was on Corrie's video were dungaree shorts as I thought they were so cute - but unfortunately they only had size 6's left - I was not pleased - if I get the chance I will definitely be buying a pair.

So that about sums up my Little Primark haul, Have you guys been in lately?
What are your favourites?

See you Thursday :)

Emz xoxo
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