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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Pamper Time...

Happy Sunday Everyone!! :)

So as you may have heard me mention once or twice I have weekends free now (dances) and Sunday has become my pamper day where I dedicate evening time to me. If you are someone that works all day Sunday than my empathy is yours!

So I thought I would take you all through my pamper session this evening... so grab your hot chocolate and face mask and read on!

First of all I like to wash my hair... but over the bath - I don't hop in the shower just yet...I know sounds weird but trust me...
The shampoo and conditioner I have been using lately is Natural World Argan Oil of Morocco, and I am absolutely loving it! This hair range smells incredible - think coconuts and like holiday fragrance - having naturally curly hair my hair is naturally dry and course but this shampoo and conditioner leaves my locks soft and shiny and very moisturised. I purchased this from superdrug and 500ml bottle costs just £3.99 which is a bargain. 
So generally I shampoo my hair once and I use a golf ball sized amount as this shampoo lathers up a lot, Massage and rinse. 
Then the Conditioner - I use more than the average person as I have really dry hair so I literally smother my hair in conditioner from root to tip and wrap in a towel - that's right don't wash out the conditioner just wrap hair in a towel and let the conditioner soak in and get to work.

Next up I have a little foot spa - which I love - it has massage and bubbles settings :) - If you don't have a foot spa then use a bowl, that's what I used before - fill half way with warm water and pop in your favourite foot soak, I've been using Avon's foot works lavender foot soak, as lavender is one of my favourite fragrances very calming and relaxing. Soak the feet.. I usually soak for a good 15 minutes or until the water starts to cool - While I soak I usually browse instagram and pinterest to catch up on new stuff. When I'm done I dry out my feet and cover them in moisturiser and pop on a pair of moisture socks - or normal socks will do - to leave my feet extremely soft.

Don't worry I haven't forgotten the hair ;) Next up is probably my favourite part of the whole process.. Face mask! and trust me guys I have used a LOT of face masks over the years and I do really like the planet spa masks from Avon but for me nothing beats the 
Montagne Jeunesse Clay Masks 
I just love them. I say clay masks as I personally am not a fan of peel off masks, so these masks.. to say they are only £1 each I think they are wonderful, they smell so nice it's almost tempting to eat them... probably not the best idea I will ever have but seriously they smell super nice. I usually go into boots and buy four of these masks, one for every Sunday of the month :) and plus it makes sure I never run out! So the one I used tonight was the deep sea clay mask and there is a lot of mask in these sachets more than enough for the face, So go ahead and spread the clay - be very careful when applying around the eyes and mouth - sit back or lie back and relax for 15 minutes or until the mask is dry. Rinse off mask and pat dry and say hello to beautifully soft skin :).

Next up it's shower time! So jump in there and have a wash - I use the Radox moisture shower cremes - Now rinse out all that conditioner - rinse well - and rinse a little more just to make sure....

Moisturise the skin. I am loving these Soap and Glory moisturisers smell lovely and leave the skin soft - without the greasy feeling. I got this trio Christmas time on offer in superdrug I think they were £6 for the three and there is 50ml in each tub and to be fair this product goes a long way.. my favourite is sugar crush I love the zesty fragrance - I think I will be purchasing the body wash version in the near future! 

Get something comfy on - I'm currently in joggers and an oversized jumper, style your hair as you wish - I happen to be in an exceptionally lazy mood tonight so I have literally rolled my hair into a top-not and I plan to let it dry naturally - no heat is good for the hair plus when I let my hair down in the morning I should have nice neat curls ready for work :)

So there you have it feeling very relaxed and pampered right now.
I hope you guys have enjoyed this blog - Let me know what you like to do for downtime.
Have a great week.

Emz xoxo
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