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Monday, 23 February 2015

Me Me Me...

Hello there my lovelies, I hope you are all well, on a bit of a random note I'm having one of those stages where my skin is just misbehaving really dry and quite spotty... and who says spotty is just teenage skin?? Nearly 29 and I'm sure my skin thinks I am still 15... Anyhow I am also going through one of those stages where I can't seem to kill my thirst...So i have just sat down with some lemon squash and it seems to be doing a good job. very refreshing! My point is i think my skin is starting to suffer for me not drinking enough so i am making a conscious effort to drink more - and maybe also change up my skin care routine - so if you guys have any recommendations for skin care I would love to here about it :)

So back onto the original topic Me, Me, Me. This is a brand i have never used until now just because of the poor student routine which is almost over (hurrah!) but i saw these eye shadow dew pots and i just could not help myself and also i am trying to pry myself away from make up revolution to try different brands - hey i have a lot of love for make up revolution - So these eye shadow dew pots are usually £7.25 each but on their website - found Here - they are currently reduced to £6 - i know it sounds a lot for 3ml of creamy eye shadow but they are worth it! 

Shades left to right: Silk Dusk, Deadly Berry & Autumn Smoulder

These shades are stunning, they have a little shimmer but nothing too extreme, they have a lovely creamy texture which stays in place surprisingly well. The dew pots come in nine different shades and my temptation is to own the entire collection as every shade is beautiful, and i am also hoping they will bring out more shades in the future. 

With the dew pots little is definitely more my tip is to take your eye shadow blend brush and add a little at a time and blend it in and gradually build up the colour to your taste i have a feeling these pots will last a long time as you really do only need a little. Another tip is if you have a hard angled eye liner brush you can line your eyes with these to make a really dramatic effect - I really love these dew pots, i'm not generally a fan of cream shadows because of stay time and smudging and a list of other reasons but when blended in these dew pots are incredible. 

I tend to use silk dusk for everyday use all over my lid as its a nice subtle shade, i also use it as a base colour and then blend one of the other shades into the corners and creases of my eyes for evening or going out events to add colour. I am super impressed with these pots, i think the pots themselves are quite sweet too, it's made me very tempted to try other products from this brand.

So what do you think? Have you tried Me Me Me? What are your favourites?
Let me know in the comments below :)

Catch up with you soon 

Emz xoxo
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