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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Lipstick Heaven....

Hello there everyone, I hope you are all well. 

Wow.. I feel like a really bad blogger, I realise it has been quite sometime since I did a post but I have been up to my eyes in work, college and volunteering (cue the violin!) and between assignments and assessments I really have not had the time to blog or to be totally truthful I have not had the motivation or inspiration to do a post. 

HOWEVER I have been thinking recently about why I started this blog in the first place and it was so I could have something for me and lately it seems like I have had no time for myself so this brings me back to this blog - this will be my time out from the rest of my busy life - everyone needs a break at some point... right? My aim is to set out one post a week as i think that is the most realistic goal :)

You guys may remember a couple of posts back me declaring my undying love for lip gloss? Well I have never really been one for lipstick as I find it really dries out my lips until now... it may be old news for some of you but I have stumbled across the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks and I think they are wonderful!

I purchased this trio collection just before Christmas (seems like forever) and i have used them a lot since and I just really love them. I love the colours and somehow my camera just doesn't do them justice at all. Aside from the rich colour my favourite thing about these lipsticks are how they feel, not drying on the lips at all, when applied these lipsticks leave your lips soft and moisturised with a matte finished look, and the staying power is pretty amazing too, this is not a lipstick that you will need to apply every five minutes!

The above is shade 101 which at the moment is my everyday lipstick for work, its a really pretty nude pink shade that isn't too in your face, it's nice and subtle.

Next we have shade 110 which when you look at on the stick looks a bright pink - which scared me a little but when applied it comes out more of a mild red colour not too bright but a nice colour to wear when going out with friends shopping or days out.

Finally we have shade 107 - which looks completely different on the photo (my lighting is not great so i apologise for this) but it is a deep wine red - which is completely different to what i would usually go for - I'm not usually that brave when it comes to shades of lipstick.. i either go nude shades or pink.. any ways this has ended up being my favourite shade of them all i wear this for evenings/nights out and it was all i used to wear all over Christmas.

These Lipsticks are available at boots for £5.49 each and a collection of 13 different shades ranging from nudes to purples to reds to pinks and i want every single one! I feel a collection starting... not bad for someone that didn't 'do' lipstick.

Have you guys tried the Rimmel Kate Moss collection? Which is your favourite Shade??

Catch you Soon Lovelies 

Emz xoxo
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