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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

What's in my bag??

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all ok, so today I thought i would share with you what's in my bag :)

First of all though i would like to tell you just how much i LOVE this bag in general.. I have never really been a handbag person at all, all my previous bags have been small just big enough to fit my phone and a little cash in. But i realised as work and college started i needed a bag with a fair bit of room.

After trawling the internet for what seemed like hours i stumbled across this beauty. I may have mentioned this before but i love rock music - if anyone is sitting there thinking aww bless she likes mcbusted then... no. Not that there is anything wrong with that but when i say i like rock i'm talking about ACDC, kid rock, metallica, iron maiden, def leppard, kiss, fozzy, etc. Anyways i like the style that comes along with that hence a handbag that comes complete with skulls :) 

This particular bag is by a brand called Miss Lulu and you can find them Here, I'm sure this bag was around £30 ... and while it was the skulls that got my attention i thought the bag was still quite feminine with the pink panel in the middle, i'm not sure if the photo shows it well but there are skulls embossed on the pink panel. The handbag also came with a detachable longer handle - but i decided not to use it. On the front tied in a bow is a black silk scarf with white skulls on it, again i think this looks sweet tied on the bag so i chose to leave it there. I think this bag is extremely well made the leather is quite thick this is going to be a bag that lasts.

The inside of the bag is a lovely silk material which has the miss lulu signature and emblem printed over on it. I love the inside pockets i usually keep my mobile phone in the left pocket and my compact brush in the smaller pocket.
The inside also has two handy zip compartments in which is usually where i keep paracetamol, tissues and cold remedies as it is that time of year..

So then above is the contents of my bag :) I have a small pink bag which i keep my make up in, i usually carry pressed powder and lip gloss. I have a pen and a cute hedgehog notepad - as i always have to do lists going and also you never know where or when a blog post will pop into your head ;), cold and flu remedies as its that wonderful time of year, i like to be armed just in case! My compact brush for windy days, some gum and a greggs coffee card... i love a coffee in a morning :D.

So i hope that hasn't been too disappointing for you all - hehe

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, feel free to leave me a comment


Emz xoxo 
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