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Saturday, 22 November 2014

True Love In A Lip Gloss.....

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all ok, I have been a bit quite lately not been feeling to well. 

Anyways i would like to introduce you to my new love, yes i understand it is a lip gloss but this is amazing.

Ok so i am naturally a lip gloss lady, always preferred this over lipstick and trust me when i tell you i have got a lot of lip gloss...but you can never have too much right?

This is Bourjois 3D effect lip gloss and it has had a make over of it's own for it's 10th anniversary * Happy Birthday :) * To quote from the official Bourjois web site...

"Its formula is now paraben-free and contains 92% of hydrating and nourishing protective agents for a real balm action while still enriched with micro crystalline wax for a deep, voluminous and ultra-shiny result."   

The first thing to catch my eye about this gloss is that it is sparkly... i love anything that has glitter, shimmer or anything like that, i thought this would be perfect for Christmas, but i have found myself using this everyday as the shimmer is subtle enough to wear daytime too. 

When i first opened this gloss i noticed it smells like the love heart candy sweets.. remember those?? so sweet. The brush is nice and soft to, doesn't drag on your lips, the gloss itself is soo soft and nourishing, not sticky or tacky at all feels very smooth, the shimmer isn't over kill either just a really beautiful gloss. The staying power is quite good considering it's lip gloss as lip gloss isn't known for its staying power but i will probably re apply twice in 8 hours.. i drink a lot of coffee so gloss ends up on the cup :p 

 I purchased three pink shades... I like pink... a lot... most of my shades are pink, but i am making an effort to add other colour to my life as you will see in upcoming posts ;)

I have shades 4, 5 & 46. Shade 4 is like a barbie coloured pink but as it is gloss and has shimmer it isn't a block of colour so it's not over the top it's quite subtle.
Shade 5 is my current everyday gloss i fell in love with this from the first time i applied it, its a deeper shade of pink then 4 and it has the most beautiful shimmer i like natural or calmer shades for work, i keep the bright / deep shades for evening, i may get brave and bear bold make up day time one of these days!
Shade 46 is the evening shade it's a brighter pink that does stand out with added shimmer i was thinking Christmas party when i tried this shade out but if you like bold you may well like this for daytime too.

It is really going to take something special to out do these glosses in my opinion i really love them beautiful colours, stunning shimmer and really soft on the lips, well done Bourjois i have to applaud you on this one.

Have you guys tried the 3D effect yet? What you think? Leave me a comment i'd like to know your thoughts, have a fantastic weekend!

Emz xoxo
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