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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Calling all students...

Hello everyone, 

I hope you are all ok, so today i thought i would bring you some student help, and even if you are not a student i think this blog could be useful for anything that requires organisation.

If you are sat there thinking 'Emz what are you doing college/school started September and we're in November' then i assure you i haven't lost my mind it has just taken me some time to finalise my routine :)

So i am currently in my final year at college i am studying a level 5 diploma in counselling & psychotherapy and the work load is rather heavy add that to a full time job and then a second volunteer job and i have my hands full!  

I thought this would be a good point to tell you guys the things that i find most useful and the things that have helped me so far...

1) One of the things i have struggled a lot with during these last few years is time management remembering deadlines, appointments etc. so I have a calendar to note important things down, I have an academic year diary, which lives in my bag - seriously i write everything in that diary, i have a calender on my phone which i can set reminders on to remind me of appointments doctors, meetings etc and finally i have a planner pinned on my bedroom wall which just plans my entire day so i can see at a glance what i need to be doing. The wall plan is the most useful thing i have found for time management. I made my wall planner in Microsoft word just a simple table with the days of the week in a row across the top and then morning, afternoon and evening down the side - you can make it as simple or as plain as you like, but basically i write in when i'm at work, when i'm in placement, college etc. Then i write in study gaps and most importantly rest time - no  matter how busy you are always make time for yourself or you will burn out. I can't stress enough to stay with in your planned time also, if you have planned 2 hours of study...stick to it.. even if you have to set your alarm... 2 hours of study can easily become 4 hours and so on.

2) Keep on top of your work! it is easy to get home and think ' i'll do that tomorrow i'm too tired right now' or ' that deadline is months away i have loads of time' because guys time really does fly especially in education, so my advice is start early and take your time, there is nothing worse then going along and then having the horrible realisation that you have an essay due in less than a week. So space out your work and you may cope a little better :)

3) Finance.. Now this applies to everyone in some shape way or form.. now finance trouble varies depending on college, course, person etc. I will tell you now i am a poor student... very poor lol - my college course has no funding which means i have to pay the fees and everything else myself - needless to say i don't have a lot left at the end of it so some tips i have learned along the way - get yourself a little book and write down a budget, work out your income and then your bills / outgoings and budget budget budget! which brings me onto the NUS student card - I have this card and i love it - this is basically a discount card so you can save on all your shopping, from food, clothing, make up online and on the high street, every little helps right? and the card is only £12 a year - absolute bargain ;)

4) don't be afraid to ask for help - tutors class mates wherever you need to go if in doubt ask, it will make life much easier for you. Research purposes your local library or your college/uni library or you have tools such as google scholar and google books at your fingertips.

So i think that is the main tips i can pass onto you guys and i have learnt some of it the hard way as at times the college has been such a struggle but the outcome is going to be so rewarding :)
I hope this blog has been helpful in some way to you all, if you have any questions or comments then please feel free to leave them below.

Enjoy your evening and i will catch you soon

Emz xoxo 

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