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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Welcome to my world...

Hi everyone, I hope your all ok,

So I have had this crazy idea to start a blog, I'm not about to pretend to know exactly what I'm doing it's just something I am really interested in doing so I thought I would give it a go.
The type of things you will find me rambling about are most likely to be anything to do with skin care, hair, make up and just my general thoughts.
I'm aware that there are a million beauty blogs out there - I read half of them :) - I don't consider myself to be a professional or anything I'm just doing this for hobby and interest purposes.

So as a beginner and quite a newbie at all this I thought I would start with something simple like my skincare routine. So here we go...

Right so I guess now would be a good time to give you a little background on my skin, I tend to get very oily skin and the wet look in this sense is not good, I also have spot prone skin - if I put something on my skin it doesn't like then that's it - instant break out. If that wasn't enough then I'm also allergic to soap, trust my guys I have tried every soap going and it's no good for me. So this leads me into my first two products, I use these all the time and I truly love them!

Clean & Clear truly gentle facial wash - The first thing that attracted me to this is the fact that it is soap free and it also states on the bottle that it is as mild as pure water and I would have to agree. This product doesn't have a fragrance to it and I love the fact it is in a pump style bottle as I'm terrible with squeezy bottles i always end up squeezing too much out... anyway  one pump of this is all you need because when you add the water to it, it does lather up quite a lot - a little goes a long way. It's very gentle on the skin I have no irritation or dryness with this face wash and it leaves my skin
really soft. I would be LOST without this product it's
one of those things I prey never gets discontinued.

Clean & Clear morning energy facial scrub - Ok guys before you go running to the hills here me out. Facial scrubs used to scare me to death because I always think of scrubs as grit like bits in a gel and they irritate my skin and leave me feeling like I've used a brillo pad on my face, but you will be delighted to hear that this little gem is extremely gentle on the skin. Instead of grit like bits in gel there's like little soft beads that seem to dissolve as you rub them into your skin and again it lathers up quite well and a little goes a long way - yes I do have issues with the amount as it is a squeezy bottle, but hey I'm learning - This is gentle enough to use everyday - I use this in an evening when i have taken off my make up as i feel as it's a scrub it will get rid of any remaining traces of make up i may still have and like the facial wash it leaves my skin really clean and really soft and the added bonus of this is it smells like oranges simply delicious. On occasions when I have a breakout nine times out of ten i get those really annoying spots - you know the ones that are really red and sore and just seem to sit under the skin - well i use this morning AND night and the first time i used this with a breakout i will admit I had a shock over the next couple of days because my skin looked awful because everyone of those spots i had under my skin it brought them out up to the surface, but i stuck with it and within about a week my skin cleared up really nice - so to me it was well worth needing an extra bit of make up coverage for a week to get the end result. I would not part with this for nothing ;).

Onto make up remover, cleanser and toner. The theme is simple - quite literally. 

Simple kind to skin cleansing facial wipes - So I usually buy the simple cleansing eye make up remover with cotton pads but i was shopping in ASDA and the facial wipes were on offer so i picked them up instead - as i am a poor student - and i have to say i was quite impressed as they were kind to my skin and they seemed to remove make up quite well without having to rub hard even mascara which i usually find a pain to remove and i was pleasantly surprised that they did not sting my eyes, The one and only fault i have with them is they are a little thin so i would recommend folding the wipe in half before you use them, thankfully the wipes are quite big so you still have plenty of coverage.

Simple Cleanser & Toner - These two i have used for a few years i have tried others but i always tend to come back to these, they don't dry out my skin, they don't irritate my skin and they leave my skin soft and refreshed. These products have no scent to them either - the cleanser has a tendency to make me oily so i use it sparingly. I would definitely recommend Simple skin care i have a couple other simple products in my make up bag too. Brilliant if your on a budget and have sensitive skin. 

And finally moisturiser...

No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream - Normal / Oily - Ah No7, wonderful No7, you will learn about my love for No7 products, a lot of my make up is No7 i just love it. This moisturiser is just amazing, it doesn't have a fragrance to it which is great as me personally i don't like scented things on my face unless its fruity lip balm! Anyway Initially i had the cream for very oily skin but i did find that one did dry my skin out so i opted for the normal to oily and it does a great job at keeping the oil at bay - it doesn't completely get rid of the oil but it helps a lot its saved me some money on powder anyway. It absorbs really well as long as you don't use to much of it, the first time i used it i used too much and it did leave a wet look and i had to pat dry afterwards but if you go easy with it, it is a great product.

So that was my first blog - I hope it has helped you in some way or at least given you something to think about, please feel free to leave me a comment if you liked it or if there is anything in particular you would like to see here :)

Emz xoxo 
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