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Monday, 27 October 2014

For the love of hair... and a fight with Alopecia...

Hello Everyone,

So as the title suggests this post is all about my current hair care routine. 

Before I begin I'll give you some background to my hair. My hair when i was younger was very long - I could almost sit on it, very thick and naturally curly, quite frizzy, difficult to control and i had many an argument with it. 

Unfortunately around 4 years ago i got diagnosed with Alopecia and i lost a lot of my hair in the sense that my hair went extremely thin and very fragile, So much so that i had to have my hair cut very short, the longest piece of hair was just passed my chin, A massive shock when I was used to having so much hair. 

Anyway over the last four years and still to this day i have had some great help from the hospital to help control and slow down the hair loss and to help my hair to grow back stronger. Now my hair is thicker and is just passed my shoulders. So if anyone reading this has Alopecia too I hope this gives you some hope because when i was diagnosed i went through a lot of emotional struggles.

Anyway the point to all of that is I have really learnt to appreciate my hair and i have learnt tolerance on those bad hair days, It will also explain why there is not a great deal to my hair care routine as i have to be quite careful what i put in my hair, I will try new things, i'm just careful. Let's begin...

Shampoo & Conditioner: First of all i really LOVE herbal Essences, I love how they smell, I have tried various ones over the years but this one is by far my favourite. As i noted the fragile state of my hair above, when herbal essences brought out their clearly naked range i knew i had to try it. This shampoo and conditioner contains 0% heavy residues, dye or parabens, it doesn't weigh down your hair and my hair always feels clean and soft... I have been known to stroke my hair a lot... which is really bad for oil purposes but i can't help myself! The final thing i will say about this is ... save the best till last... it smells amazing.. Mint and grapefruit, its a very fresh scent, I can still smell this in my hair on 2 day old hair! I love it! 

Batiste Dry Shampoo: This is another one of those products i have used for a long time. I get quite oily hair and washing hair everyday ironically makes oil worse. I use Batiste for dark deep brown hair, it has a colour tint to it so it blends into my hair easily so no worries of white marks, this one does not really have a scent to it but because if the colour tint i tend to get brown finger marks on my forehead! This is so good at soaking up oil, leaves hair feeling clean and refreshed and an added bonus adds texture to make styling easier :) ... On a subject of dry shampoo i saw that herbal essences do a dry shampoo i was ecstatic, but upon using it for a week my hair started to go brittle and break, trust me guys i was gutted that it didn't suit my hair.

L'oreal Elnett Satin Voluminous Heat Defence Spray: Wow wasn't that a mouthful! despite the really long name it is a great product especially if you have mad curly frizz prone hair like mine. This is a heat defence spray which is a vital part of my hair care. This spray as well as protects shines, smooths frizz and fly aways and protects hair against humidity all that plus adds lots of bouncy volume. This product is multi talented.

TIGI Bed Head After Party Smoothing Creme: This I tend to have a love/hate relationship. I can use it one time and love it and then use it another time and hate it. This product is great to smooth hair and tame fly aways and it does add shine to hair BUT as it is a creme use it very sparingly as it can have a tendency to make hair look greasy which is where my love/hate comes in. Some days i get it right and its fabulous other days i get it wrong and it looks bad. I do have to say one bottle of this lasts a really long time as you only need a small amount and i don't tend to use it everyday but a bottle of this will easily last me 6 months :)

So that is my main Hair care - What are your favourites?

Emz xoxo 
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