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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Everyday Make Up

So welcome to my daily make up collection. It is a bit sad but i only use / have 3 make up brushes - admittedly i do need to get myself a set i have been eyeing up the real techniques brush collection in boots though ;)

Brushes: My three brushes i use mainly - i don't know the make of them as i brought the set off ebay and there is no brand on them - there quite good as in the hairs don't fall out as your using them which is always useful. The blush brush is quite nice to be honest it's nice and soft and it doesn't cake the blusher. The foundation brush i will admit is not the greatest i find i have to add the foundation a bit at a time otherwise i end up with streaks - its not the best at blending, i usually go over my foundation lightly after with a sponge. The eye shadow brush on the other hand is brilliant its a little fluffy brush that blends eye shadow perfectly :)

Eye Roll on: I'm one of those lucky people that gets really tired looking eyes, dark circles and puffiness... attractive! But this lovely eye roll on from simple is my life line, just a really cooling and soothing gel that calms the puffiness down and makes my eyes seem brighter. I have noticed as i use it everyday i have started to notice an improvement in the dark circles too, i have been using this product for a couple of months - so please don't expect it to happen over night ;) Purchased from asda.

Foundation & Concealer: This is where i get to sing the praises of No7! so yes in case you haven't guessed both of my foundation and concealer are by No7. The foundation is the stay perfect beautifully matte - i have matte foundation as my skin is really quite oily - I'm pretty naff at matching colours so the wonderful No7 have a little gadget that scans your skin to find your perfect match and i am a cool ivory. This foundation goes on the skin like a dream and given a better brush it would blend great so i find going over the foundation with either my fingers or a sponge gives a perfect finish. it is medium coverage and feels light on the skin, but you can also build the foundation up if you feel like you need more coverage.This foundation is great for covering and evening out red patches.. and i have a lot of red on my nose. Moving onto the concealer surprise its also No7, this is the match to the foundation and is also cool ivory - up until now i have always used liquid concealer but i have to admit i really love this concealer stick. It goes on and blends easily and is buildable - covers my dark circles a treat! I do tend to blend this with my finger doesn't work too well with a brush. and as it's not liquid it tends to stay in place and it doesn't make my skin shiny :D Both purchased from Boots.

Blusher: I love blusher. end of. I think as i'm so pale i feel i need it to stop me looking corpse like. i couldn't imagine not having blush in my collection - bronzer terrifies me! - anyway this blush i have used everyday as you can probably tell from the photo - it's luminous blush in the shade peach and i had it out the Avon. i love this shade so pretty and unfortunately you can not tell from the photo but it has a subtle shimmer.

Eye Palette: This is the Undressed palette from MUA. I really like MUA as a brand as it is budget make up - which i need being a poor student - but for the price - i am sure this was £4 from superdrug - it has a beautiful selection of shades from nude to black with some gold shade both in shimmer and matte. The amount of different looks you can create with this palette is amazing. I have created nude looks, golden smokey eye, classic smokey eye all with this one palette. The colours are all very pigmented a little goes a long way and they blend easily.

Eye liner: No7 again.. is anyone noticing the theme yet? well i love these eye liner pencils they have a soft and creamy texture and they glide along the water lash line with ease and it literally stays in place all day long. I have shade Black and midnight blue both have a shimmer to them as they are metallic. The only thing i will say is there not brilliant to do cat eyes with to draw along the lid, better off using liquid liner for that, in my opinion.

Mascara: before this mascara i always used to use the falsies - but when i went into superdrug a time ago this go extreme mascara had just been released and the cashier advised me to give it a try. When i first opened this up i was a little intimidated as the brush is quite big BUT it gives amazing coverage and length a very pleasant surprise it is the  blackest black colour and it doesn't clump which is always a good thing.. also one thing i was impressed with is the mascara doesn't dry hard on your lashes and it doesn't weigh them down. Overall really pleased with this mascara - its doesn't say its waterproof but i have been out in the rain in it and i have cried wearing it and it hasn't budged! 

Lip gloss: Ok so for me lip gloss is another one of those things i could not possibly go without. i actually feel naked without it. I have a lot of lip gloss and it would take half a week to tell you about them all so i have gone for the two i use the most which are... you guessed it...No7. Their high shine lip gloss range is incredible. very shiny. What i like most about this lip gloss is it isn't sticky, it's nice and smooth and it keeps your lips hydrated and considering it is gloss the staying power is quite impressive i top up every couple of hours as opposed to every couple of minutes. The two colours i have are bouquet - thats the darker of the two shades - it is my autumn colour and the paler shade is a nude but i'm not sure on the shade as it has rubbed off! I don't really do lipstick as i find it dries out my lips.. maybe i could challenge myself to find a lipstick...
The gloss also has SPF too which is an added bonus.. and this may sound a little strange but they taste quite nice too.. I can't tell you what the taste is but its sweet.

So there you are my every day make up collection, if you like it let me know and if you fancy giving me any ideas on lipstick then leave me a comment :)

Catch you soon

Emz xoxo 
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