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Friday, 17 October 2014

Best Friends....

So who was expecting to see a human in this post?? ;)

I thought it was time I introduced you to Ollie, as his first birthday is approaching! He is a Shih Tzu, he is my best friend, he is basically my world <3 Ollie Is 10 months old and I can not believe how quickly that time has gone by, it literally doesn't seem 5 minutes since he was a tiny puppy.

My sister's dog, Tia had a litter last December she had seven puppies and admittedly to begin with i had no intention of having one as i know having dogs is a huge commitment but when Ollie was just 5 weeks old he caught a cold, he needed antibiotics and a couple of injections to help him fight it as he was so small. Because of the cold he had to be kept away from the rest of the puppies so they didn't all catch it as well, So at just 5 weeks old he was living with us we were bottle feeding him and i ended up getting really attached to him <3

So i decided there was no way i could part with him especially as he was growing (slowly) he was following me around and going to sleep on me etc. So Ollie became mine :)
Unfortunately Ollie had more problems he went through a stage of not eating, every time he ate he would be sick a lot he lost weight his fur seemed thinner than all the other puppies and he didn't seem to be growing much. So being extremely worried i took him off to St Georges vet hospital.
The vet explained that due to the cold he had, it had left him with a bacterial infection in his tummy, so after more injections and medicine and prescription food he started to get better and stronger - much to my relief.

Ollie now is bigger than the other puppies, he has a great thick coat and he is full of life and mischief, he is still on the prescription food - Royal Canine Gastrointestinal Junior - and he will remain on this - i have to be very careful with giving him treats and human food as a lot of things tend to upset his tummy. We are attached at the hip he is currently asleep on my feet as i type this.

I love this little guy so much and i feel really really lucky that i managed to keep him. He offers more comfort than most people. There is something to be said for the unconditional love you get from a dog / or a cat / or any other animal.

So now you know all about my Ollie :) He does have such a good temperament with people and children, he has this happy look about him, his eyes seemed to glow red when we're playing, he is quite amusing - he will sit in front of the TV and watch.. he likes Paul O'Grady for the love of dogs. and if you talk to him he will bark a response at you :)

 He is my ray of sunshine :) So, now i have got all mushy over my puppy, let me know if you got any interest from this because in the future i would be able to do a dog care type blog post, after all this blog is for my thoughts and interests as well as beauty!

Catch up with you soon

Emz xoxo
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